Automate Temperature Screening, No Thermometer Gun Needed. ACT NOW!

Breaking news! The country’s new Prime Minister and Health minister are preparing its people for the endemic phase of COVID-19, in which Malaysians will have to live with the virus and exercise self-responsibility. Effective from 10th September 2021, the Klang Valley area will be moving towards the second phase allowing businesses to start operating again.

Which brings us to this question. Is your business prepared to comply with these regulations?

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Getting a temperature thermometer gun and a notebook to record visitor’s contact information and temperature might seem like the cheaper option.
But is it worth it? Let’s dig deeper.

By executing the plan above; you are actually embarking on:

  1. Hiring an additional headcount to do the manual task, when you can focus on other important goals
  2. Sacrificing your staff’s safety and health to attend to all visitors
  3. You are contributing to potential cross-infection
  4. You are buying more pens & notebooks per week just to record all your visitor’s information!
  5. Longer waiting time for your eager customers

This way, you are actually doing more harm than making things better. As a result, you will lose the customer’s confidence.

As a consumer, we prioritise our health and safety. Malaysians are counting on businesses that take initiatives to ensure a smooth customer experience while ensuring public safety. Instead of doing things manually, why not automate them!

In Tapway we have just the right technological solution. By using facial recognition technology and temperature sensors we are able to automate customer experience. Through our solutions, this is what you can expect:

  1. Automated temperature screening and recording. Avoid cross-infection at the entrance.
  2. Lightning-fast detection. Shorter waiting time.
  3. Ensure all staff and visitors wear masks.
  4. Safety in check.
  5. Automated staff attendance with temperature record.
  6. Comply with Conditional MCO rules.
  7. Integrate to existing door access and card reader. Plug and play for effortless installation!

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