ANPR Technology: The Game-Changing Solution for Seamless and Efficient EV Charging Stations Malaysia

The popularity of electric vehicles, also known as EVs, have increased recently due to various advantages, including having fewer moving parts and consuming little to no petrol or diesel, which not only makes them more environmentally friendly but also makes them very economical to operate. Due to the rising demand for electric vehicles, Malaysia is experiencing a considerable increase in the accessibility of EV charging stations. These stations are primarily located in urban areas, retail shopping malls, commercial areas, and parking lots. Malaysia has made significant progress towards a more environmentally friendly future as evidenced by the rapid expansion of EV charging facilities in the country. These efforts are part of the country’s proactive efforts to promote electric transportation, foster environmentally friendly mobility, and reduce carbon footprints.

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 Aisyah Basar

EV Charging Stations Issues and its Solutions

Challenges Malaysian EV Charging Stations Face

Despite the increasing number of charging stations available in Malaysia nowadays, charging station owners and operators still face various issues and challenges regarding the operation and security of the stations. 

EV charing stations

Some of the issues faced by EV charging station includes :

1. Unauthorised & Illegal parking

  • This has become an increasing concern recently, creating difficulties for EV owners. There have been cases where non-electric vehicles or vehicles that were not charging have occupied these allocated places which compromises the accessibility and availability of charging stations. This undermines the efforts made to promote electric transportations and inconveniences EV owners who need access to charging facilities.

2. Vandalism

  • There have been reports of EV charging equipment intentionally being damaged by people. The owners of electric vehicles and the operators of the charging stations suffer frustration and financial losses as a result of these vandalism acts. It also creates a sense of uneasiness among EV users and reduces public confidence in the dependability of the charging facilities.

3. Slow vehicle identification and charger activation process

  • There are times where it takes a long time for the charging station to identify vehicles and for the charger to activate. The wait time reduces the efficiency and causes frustration amongst EV owners.

Solutions for EV Charging Stations issues in Malaysia

With the help of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, the issues mentioned above can be overcome.

1. Automatic charger activation

  • At every charging station, there will be barriers to protect the station from unwanted activities and parking. EV owners are required to register their vehicles beforehand through the EV charging company application in order for the barrier to automatically be lowered. In this situation, ANPR cameras will capture the licence plates of the vehicle when they approach the charging station. It will then be compared to a database to check whether the vehicle has been registered or otherwise. If the car is authorised, the barrier will be lowered and the charger will automatically activate. As a result, this improves the efficiency and reduces the wait time of customers.

2. Unauthorised parking detection

  • Employing ANPR technology at EV charging stations can assist in the detection and prevention of unauthorised and illegal parking issues. EV owners will have to register their vehicles before they arrive at the charging station. The charging stations can be integrated with ANPR cameras so that the system can automatically detect the licence plates of vehicles parked in specified charging spots by checking against a database of authorised vehicles. The ANPR technology will send real-time alerts to the appropriate authorities, charging station managers, or enforcements when a car is seen parking improperly or without permission at an EV charging station.

3. Vandalism surveillance

  • The ANPR system will continuously monitor the area of the charging station to detect people nearby for potential vandalism. Similar to the unauthorised parking issues, ANPR will provide real-time alerts to those in charge for further actions if suspicious activities are detected

Why Tapway Solution

With the increasing amount of Electric Vehicles nowadays, it is important to ensure that the charging stations are fully optimised to ensure the convenience and efficiency. 

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