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Working with AWS has enabled us to scale our products to magnitudes unimaginable to us before. It allows us to reach out to more customers, obtain more feedback, and improve our solutions at a quicker pace. Our partnership with AWS will only continue to strengthen as we look to be an AI powerhouse, with our solutions deployed globally.


Deployed to over 500 lanes in Malaysia, our VehicleTrack solution is capable of making real-time inference at the edgeto automate toll payments, producing key data such as images, vehicle classification and licence plate recognitionthat need to be streamed to the cloud. With AWS services suchas IoT Greengrass, Kinesis, Lambda, OpenSearch, and Sagemaker, we are not only able to seamlessly deploy codefrom cloud to edge, but also to develop a data pipeline that allows for data-driven decision making. This subsequently contributes to faster iterations of model training that enablesus to achieve model accuracy goals in a timely fashion.


Our VisionTrack solution leverages vision, real-time edge AI inference, and the cloud to eliminate low-skilled labor while performing at a high efficiency. We design our solution to be horizontally scalable, allowing us to provide solutions ranging from product defect detection all the way to automation of driving assessment. Instrumental AWS services such as Kinesis, EC2 and Sagemaker have enabled us to achieve requirements for real-time inference and streaming data in real-time and training models with blazing speed.


Case study

Automate Toll Payment & Reduce Losses with AI Vision

Case study

Automating Durian Grading with Tapway


Automating Durian Grading

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