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PeopleTrack is a leading people counting system designed to identify, track and analyze your customer traffic to provide data-driven insights for your marketing and operation team.

Automatically inspect objects and identify defects or abnormalities to achive

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Unlock the power of footfall analytics to optimize your retail store’s operations and boost sales

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Maximise your business operation and performance

PeopleTrack captures all shoppers count entering/exiting, walking-by infront and queing in your store with industry-leading accuracy. Gain real-time insights into your customer behavior and trends helping you optimize staffing, inventory, and marketing efforts to drive more sales and profits.

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Entrance & Walkby Counting

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Queue Analysis

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Group Counting

Provide a better shopping experience, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty

PeopleTrack determines your shopper’s profile such as gender and age group. Tailor your marketing efforts for your top groups of customers to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

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Gender Group Identification

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Age Group Identification

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Staff Exclusion

Understand your sales data and optimize your business effortlessly

PeopleTrack improves your store with real-time data on traffic and dwell time around specific products and store layout to optimize conversion down to the product level.

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Product Placement Optimization

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Shopper Pattern Analysis

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Real-time Targeting


Gain insights into customer behavior when they arrive at your store, including how many customer your store receives, when they are most likely to arrive, which entry points they prefer, and their demographic profile. This information can be used to understand overall foot traffic patterns and identify trends over time.


Gain insights into how customers navigate through your store, including which areas they visit and in what order. This information can be used to optimize the layout and design of the store and ensure that popular products are easy to find.

Product Discovery

Gain insights into which products customers are most interested in and which ones they spend the most time looking at. This information can be used to optimize merchandising and identify opportunities to drive more sales.


Gain insights into the number of visitors who make a purchase. This information can be used to understand the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.


Gain insights into customer behavior when they leave a store, including when they are most likely to depart, which exit points they prefer, length of time they spend in the store and how they behave before leaving. This information Tcan be used to optimize the customer experience and identify opportunities to encourage repeat business.


Get a clear picture of your store's customer traffic and behavior with accurate footfall data on every stage of your customer jouney. Make informed decisions based on real-time customer traffic data to increase efficiency and profitability.

PeopleTrack Insights

Understanding Customer Journey
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Unlock the power of footfall analytics to optimize your retail store’s operations and boost sales – Request a demo now!

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