Cleanliness in the F&B Industry: Ways AI Achieves This

Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for enhancing overall customer experience. In fact, 42% of consumers consider cleanliness in an F&B space as a detrimental factor. By prioritizing cleanliness and hygiene, F&B businesses can show their commitment to customers and create a welcoming environment that encourages repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. However, since F&B businesses face challenges in maintaining consistent cleanliness standards and efficient table turnover with human labor alone. Integrating AI-driven solutions addresses these challenges effectively. AI can provide real-time data on table availability, track customer dining durations, and signal when front of house areas need cleaning. This level of insight enables businesses to optimize table turnover, improve efficiency, and ensure a pleasant dining experience, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. AI achieves cleanliness and the aforementioned benefits through the use of Object Detection.

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Cherilyn Iviona Santoso 

What is Object Detection? 

Object Detection is a technology that enables the identification and localization of various objects within images and videos. By analyzing visual data, Object Detection can recognize items such as humans, buildings, cars, and other items as objects by drawing bounding boxes around them to pinpoint their exact positions in a given scene.

How Does It work?

These detection models undergo training on extensive datasets containing labeled examples of different object classes or categories. For instance, when presented with a photograph of a dog, an Object Detection model not only identifies the dog but also provides a label and bounding box to precisely indicate its location within the image. This process allows for accurate object recognition and localization, facilitating a wide range of applications in various fields such as surveillance, manufacturing, F&B businesses, and much more.

Example of Object Detection

How Object Detection Works in Achieving Cleanliness

1. Maintain Table Cleanliness

  • AI combines table occupancy and object detection to swiftly identify dirty tables, alerting staff for immediate cleaning. This is accomplished by utilizing the existing cameras available in the space. When customers leave and items remain on the table after a certain period of time, object detection comes into play, sending alerts for timely clearing and thus maintaining cleanliness.

2. Overflowing Trash Cans and Bad Odor Prevention

  • AI prevents overflowing trash cans through utilizing object detection. The object detection system continuously monitors trash cans, detecting whether they are open or closed. If a trash can remains open for an extended period, it will then send  alerts to the staff, enabling timely intervention. Additionally, the object detection monitors whether the trash is full or not, ensuring timely disposal. This prevents bad odor from coming out as well due to the trash cans being consistently cleared out thus demonstrating a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene standards. Evidently, this would also lead to an increase in overall customer experience and positive reviews.

3. Hand Wash Monitoring

  • Another significant factor in maintaining cleanliness is the personal hygiene of employees, particularly compliance with handwashing protocols. Hand Wash monitoring is crucial for ensuring hygiene standards are met and can be facilitated through object detection technology. The system tracks when an object enters the handwashing zone and monitors compliance based on the set requirements. To ensure proper handwashing, duration is tracked. The system will monitor whether the “object,” in this case, the individual’s hand, remains in the handwashing zone for a specified amount of time. Compliance is indicated if the object remains for the specified duration, while non-compliance is flagged otherwise. This approach not only reinforces hygiene practices but also demonstrates a commitment to maintaining cleanliness. 

With the assistance of AI in the F&B industry, maintaining cleanliness becomes easily achievable. This is ensured by the object detection feature, which effectively aids in maintaining table cleanliness, preventing issues such as overflowing trash cans and bad odors, and ensuring compliance with handwashing protocols. By investing in cleanliness through AI solutions, businesses can create a welcoming environment and achieve customer satisfaction.

Take the Next Step! 

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