Crowd Control to comply with COVID-19

How do businesses ensure that they are efficient in managing crowd control and generating sales during the endemic, all while keeping the customers and employees safe?

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On 1st April 2022, the government announced that Malaysia is only in transition to the Endemic phase, despite the prior plan to start the Endemic phase on 1st April. 

Most public places are now open such as schools, places to worship, and activities such as sports and recreation. Furthermore, public transports are also available. Adding on, industrial and business activities are allowed to operate as usual but with strict compliance with the SOP and longer operating hours.

However, it is difficult to eliminate the public’s fear of Covid-19, as they are more health-conscious than before. In spite of their fear, their need to travel is still high. Hence, how do businesses ensure that they are efficient in crowd control and generating sales during the endemic, all while keeping them safe?

The answer is by complying with SOP and following the social distancing rule. But this will be a tricky job if it was fully handled by the human eyes. Tapway presents PeopleTrack Crowd Control.

PeopleTrack Crowd Control

PeopleTrack Crowd Control is a crowd management tool that counts, captures, triggers and reports the crowd traffic on your premise.

How It Works?

crowd control customers with divided zones in shopping malls

  1. Enter and exit movement automatically detected by the sensors
  2. Sensors can be placed at the entrance of a floor or other zones to track the crowd level at a specific area
  3. The traffic data at the entrances, floors, rooms and certain rooms are consolidated in a dashboard to monitor traffic movement and crowd in real-time
  4. If potential overcrowding occur, real-time alert will be sent to Tapway’s live dashboard or a SMS alert (optional) for instant actions
Why Do You Need it?
  1. Wouldn’t need to hire an employee to manually count the visitors entering at the entrance
  2. Can instantly take action when overcrowd happens at the floor, room and any zone via the alarm and the real time email alert
  3. Can generate reports of crowd levels at the premise at your fingertips to assist and justify local authorities accordingly

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