Enhancing Security with ANPR: Real Time Blacklisted Number Plates Detection

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Aisyah Basar

Identifying blacklisted number plates may be a challenge to the authorities especially when it comes to efficiency and safety. Without proper system/technology, the process of identifying and filtering blacklisted cars among others may be time consuming and challenging. Not to forget that in today’s world where there are various tips and tricks people use to avoid getting caught by the authorities which makes the identification process much more difficult. 

As a result, the use of ANPR in parking lots has increased due to the many benefits they provide, one of which is the ability to identify cars on blacklists.

How does it work?

ANPR is known for capturing and detecting licence plates by using special cameras to help authorities keep track of vehicles coming in and out of the area. The same goes with the detection of blacklisted plates where they use the same cameras and then going through the database that’s already in the system in order to identify blacklisted plates and if the vehicle is permitted to access the parking lot. Typically, the database contains details of vehicles that have been reported stolen, engaged in crimes, or are not permitted to park in the area. Each time a vehicle enters the car park, the ANPR system can efficiently detect those that are on a blacklist by comparing their licence plate to the database and denying them admission. Additionally, a  real time alert will then be given to those in charge when a blacklisted car is being detected by the camera. Actions can be taken quickly and no time will be wasted.

Benefits of using ANPR to detect blacklisted number plates

1. Detecting blacklisted number plates will enhance security

The usage of ANPR in car parks, be it residential or commercial, attracts many various benefits. The main benefit of using ANPR to detect blacklisted plates is that it will undeniably enhance the security of that area. This is due to the fact that behind every blacklisted plate, there’s a reason why it is on the list. It could be due to crime, suspicious activities and many more. Hence, with the presence of ANPR in car parks, people will feel much safer as compared to before.

2. Improve efficiency

Through the usage of ANPR in car parks to detect blacklisted plates, efficiency will also be improved. There is no need to manually scan registration plates and use the system to determine the eligibility of the vehicles. Going through the plates takes up a lot of time which can be used for other beneficial purposes. Additionally, this can also eliminate problems such as bribery due to the automatic system.

3. Detecting blacklisted number plates can improve traffic flow

Using ANPR to detect blacklisted plates can also improve the traffic flow which can help reduce congestion and make it easier for drivers to enter and find parking spaces. The system can also  quickly recognise vehicles that are on a blacklist and prevent them from entering by utilising ANPR cameras at the entrance to a parking lot. This can apply to cars that are either unlicensed to park in the lot or that have been involved in theft, vandalism, or other crimes. The car park can guarantee that there are sufficient spots for permitted vehicles and lower the danger of theft or damage to parked cars by blocking these vehicles from entering. Allows law enforcement to detect and stop vehicles with licence plates on the blacklist swiftly and accurately

Why Tapway VehicleTrack

The usage of ANPR in car parks is in higher demand than ever as it provides many advantages to people. Tapway VehicleTrack is the industry leading vehicle recognition platform powered by deep learning technology. Tapway is using AWS IoT Greengrass to seamlessly manage all the edge servers while ensuring they have the capabilities of the cloud without the need for manual intervention. In addition, Tapway is also using AWS SageMaker for model training. AWS SageMaker helps to monitor training runs, troubleshooting logs and spawning parallel hyperparameter tuning jobs

Our VehicleTrack can help you achieve the efficiency, safety and control you desire. Protect your car park with our highly accurate vehicle identification system, which includes information about the vehicle’s brand, colour, and classification in addition to the licence plate.Click here to learn more about our services. We look forward to working with you. 

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