How to Ensure Your Food Handlers Make Perfect Orders

Whether you’re managing a restaurant, café, or any F&B establishment, ensuring that orders are prepared and served accurately is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, with numerous variables at play, including menu complexity, customer preferences, and time constraints, maintaining consistency can be challenging even for experienced individuals. This is where the power of Artificial Intelligence comes in, leading to correct and even perfect orders. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, restaurants that adopted AI-driven solutions experienced a significant reduction in order errors, resulting in a 15% increase in customer satisfaction scores. In addition to automating food inspection for consistency and perfect orders, AI also enhances food safety and reduces human errors and waste. AI ensures perfect orders through computer vision, specifically through employing object detection and classification.

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Cherilyn Iviona Santoso

What is Object Detection and Classification? How does it work?

Object Detection and classification are fundamental concepts in the realm of computer vision. Classification refers to a smart tool that distinguishes between different things in a picture, determining whether it’s a cat, dog, or other objects by analyzing visual data and learning unique features of each category. However, when a single image contains multiple objects, Object Detection comes into play. Object Detection is a technology that identifies and localizes various objects within images and videos. It works by analyzing visual data and drawing bounding boxes around objects to pinpoint their exact positions in a scene.


Detection models undergo training on labeled datasets of different object classes, enabling them to recognize items like humans, buildings, cars, etc. For example, an Object Detection model can identify and label a dog in a picture while providing a bounding box to indicate its precise location within the image.

How Object Detection Works in Ensuring Perfect Orders

1. Object Detection for the Food Presence and Location

  • Object detection is primarily used to detect the presence and location of food items. This technology facilitates the accurate identification of food subjects in various settings, enabling the system to focus on analyzing specific details using classification techniques. 

2. Classification for Quality and Cooking States

  • On the other hand, classification plays a critical role in assessing the quality and cooking states of the food item. For example, It can identify if a pizza is overcooked or undercooked, detect irregularities such as undertopping or uneven distribution of toppings, and pinpoint quality issues like excess cheese or excess sauce. Through classification, the system can ensure that each pizza meets the desired standards and specifications, thus enabling the F&B business to make perfect orders.

3. Implementation for Perfect Orders

  • By integrating object detection to locate the food item and classification to analyze its quality and cooking states, the system ensures perfect orders are made. In this case, this approach allows for a thorough assessment of a pizza’s condition, enabling adjustments and corrections as needed to deliver perfect orders that meet customer expectations.

To conclude,

The use of AI technologies like object detection and classification ensures perfect orders and boosts customer satisfaction in the F&B industry. Object detection accurately locates food items, while classification assesses quality and cooking states, leading to consistent and error-free orders. This integration automates food inspection, reduces human errors, enhances food safety, and improves overall operational efficiency, thus showcasing AI’s transformative role in modern food service operations.

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