3 Reasons Why You Need Number Plate Recognition System in Car Par

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 Jane Joe

Parking has always been a big pain point for many people, especially in cities where there is a huge demand for parking in shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and many more. This is why number plate recognition systems are becoming more common in recent years due to the various advantages they can offer. 

How does the number plate recognition system work? 

A great alternative to the traditional parking ticketing system, the number plate recognition system is a technology that can identify vehicles by their license plates. This technology is used in many applications, from car parks to toll payment systems, due to its high efficiency and seamless parking experience. It provides detailed information about the vehicles and identifies their positions, movement of the car, and so on.

Here are some advantages of using number plate recognition technology in the carpark:

Number Plate Recognition in Outdoor Car Park (Source: Pixabay)

Number plate recognition system can improve data accuracy

ANPR camera will detect the license plate of every vehicle when it enters or exits your premises. Then, it will keep records of vehicle identification in the database. This number plate recognition system can ensure high data accuracy, providing more insights about your visitors’ patterns.

Number plate recognition system supports touchless and cashless payments

The smart parking system uses number plate recognition technology to automatically identify vehicles, allowing visitors to experience quick and easy payment. With this system, you can also decrease operational costs while maintaining your visitors’ satisfaction since no parking ticket is needed, and it is 100% cashless.

Number plate recognition system prevents congestion during entry and exit

A number plate recognition system can also help reduce parking lot traffic congestion. This automatic ticketing system allows cars to enter and exit smoothly without stopping at the gate first.

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