How Does the Vehicle License Plate Recognition System Work?

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 Jane Joe

Vehicle recognition systems are becoming more popular due to their high accuracy and detailed information, thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning technology used in their development. This technology leverages License Plate Recognition systems for various applications, including parking lot management, traffic enforcement, and vehicle tracking.

Our Vehicle License Plate Management Helps With Parking Lot Management (Source: Pixabay)

A license plate recognition system can capture, read, and analyze the characters on the license plates automatically and fast so that the data captured can be transmitted to a computer system for further processing without requiring manual classification input. This system has an integrated camera for capturing and analyzing license plates designed to support parking lot management at the entrance and exit by identifying vehicles allowed to enter or leave a parking lot. 

With this technology, all vehicles that enter and exit the parking lot are photographed, providing detailed information on occupancy, vehicle types, and length of stay. The entry and exit system based on license plate number recognition allows business owners to monitor the movement of vehicles within their parking lot.

Besides enforcing parking rules, a vehicle recognition system is also used to handle traffic violations such as speeding and red-light violations. Its primary function is to improve safety performance, increase efficiency by reducing road accidents, improve travel time, and reduce congestion.

Why Should You Use Tapway VehicleTrack for License Plate Recognition system at car park

We all know that technology is the future. And with the help of modern digital solutions like license plate recognition systems, we can help to make your lives easier and more convenient. As an industry-leading platform for vehicle recognition, Tapway VehicleTrack can help provide much more detailed information beyond license plates, such as car brand, color and more.

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