How AI Vision Makes Retail & Building Smart

On-demand webinar

Transforming your store and building into a smart, connected retail and building has gained a great traction throughout the years. Other than capturing physical data, AI Vision has the ability to improve service quality, reduce operating expenses, enhancing business continuity and keeping occupants safe & comfortable.

So how do you get started on your retail and building’s digital transformation?

Watch this webinar and learn how to harness the power of AI Vision to go beyond mere efficiency.

You’ll learn about:

– Smart Retail & Building Trends

– AI Vision for Smart Retail & Building

– AI Vision for Smart Retail & Building Use Cases


Sachin Ranganathan Profile

Sachin Ranganathan

Principal IoT Partner Leader - APJ, AWS

Sachin Ranganathan is a Principal IoT Partner Leader at AWS for APAC & Japan. With the 19 years of experience in business development, strategy, product marketing and product development in the tech industry spanning IoT, Cloud, Voice & Mobile apps, Search & Ads, and Semiconductors, Sachin currently leads AWS IoT partnerships in APJ with consulting and technology partners, across Consumer, Commercial & Public sectors. Prior to AWS, Sachin led partnerships for Amazon Alexa, and has taken up various roles in other tech companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, British Telecom and Texas Instruments.

Leowanie Leow Profile

Leowanie Leow

Sr Sales Operations Manager, Tapway


Leo leads the Sales Operations initiatives at Tapway prior handling Business Development and Partnership the past two years. With 5 years of experience with SaaS and IoT applications, she strategizes and aligns technology adoption of clients to achieve maximum productivity with possible minimal cost of deployment.

Arwin Lashawn Profile

Arwin Lashawn

Cloud & Data Team Lead, Tapway

Arwin is currently the Cloud and Data Lead at Tapway. He is a self-driven and motivated individual who enjoys everything about tech, especially cloud computing, data and AI. He finds excitement in architecting and developing cloud-native applications with his agile teammates. 

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