Tapway for Car Park

Tapway solutions streamline your parking management by automating your access control and payment system while enhancing your customer experience with AI-Vision powered vehicle guidance and locator.

Real time tracking of vehicles at entries & exit
Vehicle management system for season parkers, visitors and contractors
Real time alert of blacklisted vehicle
Support cashless payment
Guest display customizable to your brand
Integration to your CRM/VMS
Entry & exit reports and advanced search function
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Get All You Need With Just One Pole

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25 USD /lane
every month
Cashless, Cardless & Touchless Access
Integrate easily with CRM and visitor management
Two-factor authentication using car plate & logo
Secure parking with only valid vehicles allowed
Continuous AI model improvement to increase accuracy
Reduce queue with faster visitor management
Effortless parking - "Just Drive In & Out"
Smart matching technology to reduce error
Streamline parking operations with automated vehicle tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy level of VehicleTrack?
VehicleTrack has an accuracy rate of above 98.5%, and is constantly improving thanks to our continuous improvement pipeline.
Do we have to replace our existing cameras to implement VehicleTrack?
Since our AI inference is done at the server level, existing cameras (if any) need not be replaced as long as it fits our recommended specifications.
What is the advantage of LPR systems compared to RFID systems?
  • - Visitor Access: In applications where there is a high number of visitors, VehicleTrack is a more convenient solution. It's easier to add and remove a visitor's number plate credentials via a central database than manually applying RFID tags to visitors' vehicles.
  • - Cost effectiveness: VehicleTrack removes the need to apply tags to vehicles, which in turn saves businesses the cost of having to repurchase tags every few years for new vehicles or lost tags.
  • - Added Security: VehicleTrack will result in higher levels of accuracy and security in comparison to manual checks, which are known to have higher chances of breaching security processes if there was to be a human error accounted for.
  • - Accuracy of Real-Time Analytics: Real-time monitoring and analytics facilitates VehicleTrack. Organizations can have access to historical data as well as live data and reporting. This data can therefore be stored on a device which can be used for future reference and evidence should an incident or accident occur.
Is the system fully on cloud or on premise?
VehicleTrack combines and leverages both cloud-based and local edge servers to form a hybrid setup. AI processing is done on site to deliver instant output and the meta data is pushed over to the cloud for storage. We are also able to perform OTA updates to the AI model using this setup.
Can your system handle fancy number plates?
VehicleTrack is able to tackle vanity license plates with relative ease as we are continuously training the model to detect different types of license plates and improve it's detection rate.

Experience the game-changing benefits of our advanced license plate recognition system and transform your security and access control – Request a demo now!

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