Smart Cities

Tapway solutions capture real-time processes and understand event patterns for smart sustainable cities to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operations and services.

Solutions & Benefits


People Counting & Crowd Tracking

- Allows outdoor people counting, collecting pedestrian footfall statistics on city streets
- Ensuring safety for residents with real time crowd monitoring


Facial Recognition for Public Safety

- Recognize all vehicles on the road using the Tapway multifactor vehicle profiling technology
- Detect fraud or non-compliant number plates in real-time


Traffic Violation and Flow Monitoring

- Scan moving vehicles for various traffic violation and improve public safety.
- Count and track vehicle flow to analyze congestion patterns and generate detailed traffic reports


Road and Walkway Condition Monitoring

- Detect, monitor and report unusual road conditions such as foreign objects, potholes, puddle, damaged signs, malfunctioned streetlights and more
- Detect, monitor and report unusual pedestrian activities such as jaywalking, potential crime, public violence etc


Facial Recognition for Surveillance

- Track all faces across all areas in the city for security purposes
- Identify blacklist (criminals) and whitelist (VIP)

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