Press Release: Tapway Sdn Bhd Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program

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 Jane Joe

KUALA LUMPUR —February 25, 2022 — Tapway, an AI Vision technology company from Malaysia, today announced it has joined NVIDIA Metropolis, a program designed to nurture and bring to market a new generation of applications and solutions that make the world’s most important spaces and operations safer and more efficient with advancements in AI vision.

Tapway solutions, powered by AI Vision technology, are focused on optimizing operations particularly in toll and car park payment booths with VehicleTrack, quality inspection work in manufacturing with VisionTrack and occupancy counting and queueing operation with PeopleTrack Vision. Tapway is using latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs such as the NVIDIA A10 series for their edge AI servers to perform predictions on a frame within 6 milliseconds or less. They are also using advanced NVIDIA A100 series GPUs to speed up the training of their AI models. By using these NVIDIA GPU-accelerated technologies, Tapway has reduced their AI model training time from days to hours.

NVIDIA Metropolis makes it easier and more cost effective for enterprises, governments, and integration partners to leverage world-class AI-enabled solutions to improve critical operational efficiency and safety problems. The NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem contains a large and growing breadth of partners who are investing in the most advanced AI techniques, most efficient deployment platforms, and use an enterprise-class approach to their solutions. Partners have the opportunity to gain early access to NVIDIA platform updates to enhance and accelerate their AI application development efforts. The program also offers the opportunity for partners to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Lim Chee How, Tapway CEO, says “Our vision to transform the world’s economy to a higher-skilled workforce requires us to leverage the latest cutting-edge NVIDIA technologies to achieve superior AI vision inference and training performance to meet various customer requirements. With NVIDIA Triton, TensorRT and DeepStream technologies, and most importantly the powerful NVIDIA GPUs, our team can quickly iterate, accelerate training in the cloud and inference at the edge, thus allowing us to achieve industry-leading AI performance. In this fast-paced environment, NVIDIA helps us to achieve more with less.”

About Tapway
Tapway leverages the power of AI Vision and Big Data technologies to transform the physical world through automation. The company provides a platform to build, train, deploy and monitor AI Vision technology solutions in physical spaces to help businesses to optimize workforce, improve service quality and experience, and enhance safety and security.

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