Tapway Solutions


Tapway PeopleTrack enables you to identify key customer patterns such as footfall, dwell time, queue and more. With a clearer understanding of your customer’s journey, you’re always able to put your customers first.

People tracking solution goes beyond knowing who your customers are and where they visit. People tracking can empower businesses by providing detailed insights into the customers’ journey as we leverage people counting sensors technology. This information can help you make smart decisions for your business, like improving your marketing efforts and sales conversion rate.

PeopleTrack Behaviour

Tapway PeopleTrack Behaviour identifies your visitor engagement and movement patterns in your site to understand what influences their buying decisions.

PeopleTrack Location

Tapway PeopleTrack Location enables you to achieve real insights into every aspect of operation of a company, including employee productivity, functional efficiency and resouce optimization.


Tapway VisionTrack is an end-to-end visual inspection platform designed to accelerate customized object detection and image classification model development while achieving ultra-high accuracy. Paired with robotics, you can now eliminate manual low-skilled labor while higher efficiency.

AssetTrack Connected Factory

Tapway AssetTrack Connected Factory supports you in making smarter, data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and overall performance by enabling a connected platform to capture, store, organize and track real-time data from your industrial assets.

AssetTrack Inventory

Tapway AssetTrack Inventory transforms your supply chain and optimizes your processes by tracking and monitoring the location  of your inventory in real-time.


Tapway VehicleTrack is an industry leading vehicle recognition platform powered by deep learning technology. Secure your site with highly accurate vehicle recognition beyond just license plate information, but also vehicle classification, brand and color.


Tapway FaceTrack enables 100% touchless access control at your site while ensuring the highest security possible. Register both visitors and staff seamlessly using face recognition technology and automate attendance management.


Tapway SmartEngage leverages the power of your WiFi network to provide an offlice-to-online omnichanel engagement solution for your customers. Easily activate customers in you physical locations and increase customer lifetime value with personalized, location-based targeted messaging.

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