Hypercharge Your Industry 4.0 Transformation

We harness the power of AI Vision and Big Data technologies to deliver smart automation solutions that help eliminate repetitive manual labor, maximize efficiency, improve quality and grow revenue.


We collect data from people, vehicles, machines or other objects using sensors. You can now connect, collect, store and analyze device data at unparalleled scale.

AI Vision

We analyze visual data and turn video into valuable information. Our unique platform allows us to train a custom AI model and deploy to your site within days.

Big Data

We process data in real time, deliver actionable insights at scale and provide predictive analytics to help improve experience, quality and operations.


Hypercharge Your Business with Data Insights at Your Fingertips

Over 3,000 sensors and cameras have been deployed by Tapway across all industries

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“Great team with above and beyond quality of work and always easy to work with.”


“Tapway has been supporting us since 2018 and the team is dedicated to provide us with great service by being efficient and always fast in response.”


“Tapway has a Great Customer Centric Team, presently viable wholistic solution & truly understand the landscape of its customers business environment. They are always ready to go above & beyond their service to cater to their customers needs.”


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